Toro Candy: A limited edition fusion of passion and art


The Toro Candy, an iconic collector’s item, returns to captivate us with a new edition.

We remember with nostalgia that first limited edition of 2016, with 48 units of 60 cm. Now, in 2024, we present an expanded edition to 250 units.

The novelty of this edition does not stop at the return of the classic model; for the first time, El Toro Candy unfolds in six new dimensions , offering an unprecedented versatility that adapts its presence to a variety of spaces and contexts. Each piece resonates with the passion and energy of the original.

These new sculptures retain the vitality and essence that made Toro Candy such a sought-after figure. His energetic posture, captured as if he were running, not only symbolizes strength and courage, but also reflects a free spirit.

Now, with the reintroduction of this limited edition, a window of opportunity opens for those who dreamed of acquiring it in the past and for new admirers who have felt captivated by its legend.

The beauty of art does not reside only in contemplation, but in the connection it establishes with those who observe it, and El Toro Candy is a promise of this eternal connection.